School Council


At Woodfield Community Primary School, we strongly believe that our children have a big role to play in the development of our school. That's why we have re-established our School Council from September 2017.

There was a real buzz around the school as children were preparing their speeches to their class as to why they should be elected and then a secret ballot was held. This helped us to understand DEMOCRACY, one of our British Values.

The results were sent to each class in a special presentation from Mr Hedworth. The following children were thrilled to find out they had been elected.

Hedgehogs' Class

Evie, Sophia & Poppy

Squirrels' Class

Bobby & Lily

Foxes' Class

Scarlett & Louis

Badgers' Class

Kizzy & Cameron

Eagles' Class

Lily & Sam

Business commenced immediately with the first task that Mr Hedwort had asked them to consider:

Are the current house team names still meaningful to the children?

Following a discussion about this they decided that they didnt really mean anything to them and they wanted to stick to the animal theme we now have for our classes.

Their next official duties were to assist with the Interviews for the post of Headteacher. Lily and Sam took all the candidates around the school as part of a Learning Walk and then the entire school council assembled in the afternoon to give the candidates a thorough grilling to support the Governing Body in the decision making process of appointing the new headteacher.

A box has been place in the hall for children to put suggestions in. These will be discussed at school council meetings and then fed back.