Top Tips for Reading at Home

Top Tips For Reading at Home with your Child

* Read aloud to your child. It’s a great opportunity for you and your child to talk, to be close and share a few laughs!

* Encourage your child to read aloud to you. The most important thing you can do to support your child’s reading is to offer encouragement and patience.

* Make sure your child has a cosy, comfortable place in which to read – with no television on!

* Help your child to choose books that he or she will find really interesting. Do you know the name of your child’s favourite author? It’s time to find out!

* Read anything and everything, comics, magazines, leaflets, instructions, recipes, posters…the list is endless.

* Borrow books free of charge from your local public library; buy second-hand books from charity shops and car boot sales.

* Don’t worry if your child wants to read the same book over and over again, or if your child chooses a book which seems to be too easy or too young for him or her. The most important thing is that your child enjoys reading.

* If English is not the language your family speaks at home, enjoy sharing books written in your home language.

* Encourage your child to talk about books they’ve enjoyed, talk about the characters and ideas that come up in the book.

Did you know…

that the people who work in libraries and book shops love to talk about books? Ask librarians and booksellers to recommend great books for your child to enjoy.

You can find hundreds of book recommendations on websites such as these …

Reading online… remember to visit Oxford Owl. There is a wealth of books for all ages and abilities on this site and your child will have their own class login.