In Curlews, the children do a whole class book study each half term for English and this is linked to the topic work that they are doing where possible. They will use this novel to progress their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Reading in Year 5/6 is mainly free choice but sometimes guided by the teacher in order to get a range of genre, children who still need to work through reading phonetic sounds will remain on reading scheme books and receive an intervention and spellings linked to this. Reading records are checked and signed by the teacher each Friday, spellings and homework are also given on a Friday.

In Maths, children work through the National Curriculum objectives for their year groups and these are taught through White Rose planning. By the end of Y4, children should have rapid recall of all times tables up to 12 x 12 so any gaps in these are worked on in Y5/6.

Foundation subject homewA ork is a homework menu system, given half termly and children can choose which sections to complete depending on their interests. They are given a short presentation time at the end of each half term to practise their speaking and presentational skills in front of the class.

For Y6, there is an emphasis towards preparing the children for transition to high school and SATsĀ  so independence is encouraged and there will be small amounts of testing throughout the year in order to get the children used to the papers and similar content.

A few helpful websites:

Topmarks is an excellent website for Maths skills development

For KS2 work and SATs revision.

Class Teacher

Mr Boyle

Assisted by

Mrs Gibb