Curriculum Intent

At Woodfield Community Primary School, our curriculum is broad and ambitious and prepares all pupils for the next stage of life.  All pupils are encouraged to be independent learners that are curious and question the world around them. Our curriculum provides rich and relevant experiences for all learners and ensures that all pupils have a sense of belonging to the local community. All outcomes are linked to the National Curriculum.

At Woodfield Community Primary School, we have shared values. We aim to demonstrate RESPECT to all aspects of our lives, inside and outside of school. These values help us aspire to being the best version of ourselves and are at the heart of our curriculum.


All pupils will:

  • have confidence to take risks.
  • manage emotions.
  • overcome mistakes and failure.
  • To be able to use a range of strategies when faced with challenge.


All pupils will:

  • Understand how your actions affect others.
  • Be able to accept and celebrate other people’s differences.
  • Have patience when working with others.
  • Have an understanding of others and their feelings.


All pupils will:

  • Have a positive attitude when attempting something new.
  • Understand your strengths.
  • Build an understanding and celebrate who they are.
  • Value yourself.


All pupils will:

  • To be able to reflect positively on events.
  • to have an open mind when confronted with something new.
  • to have pride in yourself and your community.
  • to have a willingness to take part.


All pupils will:

  • Be the best version of yourself.
  • Be the best in all you do.
  • Have pride in your work.
  • Excel…?


All pupils will:

  • Have a readiness to listen to others.
  • Be able question others or ideas.
  • Have a willingness to share and respond to peers.
  •  Be able to change opinions when listening to others.


All pupils will:

  • Cooperate, support and encourage peers.
  • Know their role in a team.
  • Have the confidence to share ideas.
  • Be willing to try others’ ideas.