Our Curriculum Aims

  • Curiosity – Woodfielders will be inquisitive learners who have the courage to ask questions  and challenge knowledge.
  • Creative – Woodfielders will apply their skills to purposeful activities and be confident learners.
  • Communication –  Woodfielders will develop the language and social skills to communicate effectively.
  • Challenge – Woodfielders will develop resilience to overcome obstacles and will not be afraid to take risks.

The Woodfield Community Primary School Curriculum is a topic-based curriculum. The theme of each class’ topic will drive the learning for a half term/term. The topics are driven by History, Geography or Science and Art or DT. English topics and class texts will link where appropriate.

Each topic will follow a question of inquiry that pupils will investigate and answer at the end of the topic. Every topic will begin with a ‘Hook’ to engage pupils with the learning for the topic and will finish with an ‘Outcome’ which is designed to showcase the skills and knowledge that pupils have learnt over the half term.

Subject leaders have developed teaching sequences called ‘Flowcharts’ and the progression of a lesson or sequence of lessons follow the Flow Charts to ensure that all subjects are taught to ensure teaching is consistent across year groups. To ensure this consistency subject leaders have produced Skills and Knowledge Progression Documents so skills and knowledge are built upon year on year.

Please go to the subject page to view the Flow Charts and Skills and Knowledge Progression Documents and to the Class pages to view the Class Topics and Medium Term Plans.

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