The Woodfield Mastery Maths Curriculum

Planning for progression of knowledge within the Woodfield Mastery Maths Curriculum

Our long-term planning and Maths curriculum overview follows the Archimedes Maths Hub mixed aged plans. We have based our curriculum on these long-term plans because the sequencing of topics has been written to help to ensure that any pre-requisite knowledge needed for a unit can be taught in the preceding unit(s).

The format for the medium-term progression planning documents from the Archimedes Maths Hub allows teachers to see the content for each topic for the preceding and following year group and offers teachers better continuity and understanding of progression in the topic.

Medium-term sequencing is considered by individual teachers when planning each unit of work. It is left to individual teachers to plan this sequence as they are best placed to make the most appropriate decisions for their class.

Short Term Planning documents are used as a live working tool that enables teachers to plan proactively and reactively, giving feedback and building upon prior knowledge, effectively sequencing learning.


It is our aim to develop mathematicians who are curious and passionate about the subject, seek challenge and have the skills to reason and problem solve. Securing number fluency and having secure knowledge across a range of key mathematical concepts will prepare them well for mathematics at Key Stage 3 and beyond.