The Woodfield Science Curriculum

Planning for progression of knowledge within the Woodfield Science Curriculum

Our long term planning and Science curriculum is sequenced following the National Curriculum ensuring that knowledge and skills within Physical Education are covered and taught across Key Stage 1 and 2.

Medium Term Planning documents are used as a live working tool that enable teachers to plan proactively and reactively, giving feedback and building upon prior knowledge, effectively sequencing learning.


It is our aim that all pupils at Woodfield are taught the key knowledge and skills in the scientific disciplines to develop understanding of the world around them at an age-appropriate level and in line with the National Curriculum. We strive to utilize children’s natural excitement and curiosity and inspire them to pursue scientific enquiry. Throughout the primary years, children should learn to explain and examine phenomena, make predictions and solve problems. We aim to nurture a love for the natural world, excitement for future possibilities in science and provide many opportunities for pupils to respond creatively in their learning.

The Woodfield Science Curriculum is led by Mrs Jess Adamson.