At Woodfield Community Primary School, we strongly believe that our children have a big role to play in the development of our school. That's why we have re-established our School Council this year.

There was a real buzz around the school as children were preparing their speeches to their class as to why they should be elected and then a secret ballot was held. This helped us to understand DEMOCRACY, one of our British Values.

Our School council are elected through a democratic vote by all children within the school. We have regular meetings where minutes are taken and actions are recorded. All Councillors are aware of their responsibilities and what makes a good school Councillor. 

The School Council Roles:

  • Be a pupil voice for all the children.
  • Represent their class at meetings
  • Share ideas and issues that may have been raised. 
  • Hold events and fundraising events to fund ideas put forward. 
  • Liaise with staff and governors in the school
  • Show visitors round the school
  • Write articles for the school newsletter.