Woodfield Primary School
Woodfield Road
01423 566494
Dear Woodfield families,
Easter letter from Woodfield

Firstly, thanks for all your incredible efforts over the past few weeks helping the children with their home-learning. The school team have been working hard to provide learning material and we hope that now we have established class email addresses you are able to maintain good links with the teachers so that they can support with any of the learning tasks on the class pages on the school website.

It’s been wonderful to see the school community work together through this difficult time and the message is always that the Woodfield team are here to help in any way that we can. The class emails, the school admin email, [email protected], and the Grove Road phone number (where we are based in order to continue offering childcare to vulnerable children and children from key worker families), 01423 506060, are avenues that will remain open should you need us for anything at all.

As we have now reached the Easter holidays, I’m sure you will appreciate that the staff need some time to rest and recuperate after a challenging time. We will still be continuing the childcare offer for certain families of course, however I have asked that teachers stop posting new lessons and online learning onto the website over Easter. It is also important, of course, that the children have some time away from school activities too. If they want to, of course, then they can continue to access the resources and fun activities online but there is certainly no expectation for them to do so.

We hope that you have a lovely Easter period enjoying some family time and that you stay safe and stay healthy. We are only a phone call away.

Just to let you know that I will be continuing as the Woodfield Interim Headteacher throughout the Easter break before handing over to Mr Atkinson and Miss Marwood on April 20th.

Kind regards,

Jonny Davies

Interim Headteacher