Woodfield Primary School
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Dear Children
Summer Term 1 - Welcome Children

I have just sent a letter home to your parents and I didn’t want you to think you had been forgotten. My name is Mr Atkinson and you may have seen me around school as I have been working with Mr Davies since January. I am going to be working in school two days a week as your Executive Head Teacher. We are also really lucky as Miss Marwood, who some of you may have met over the last few weeks, is going to be working at Woodfield every day. She is going to be the Head of School. We are really sorry that we haven’t been able to meet you yet. 

You will all have heard a lot about the Coronavirus and the changes that we have had to make to how we live our lives at the moment. Please try not to be worried. There are lots of amazing, brilliant people including nurses, scientists and doctors who are working hard to help us and to sort out this problem. They are giving us some very clear instructions on how to keep safe. They are telling us to stay away from people, apart from the people we live within our family, for a period of time. I have put the instructions at the end of this letter to remind you all of what you can do to help. We know that you are brave, strong and kind and will be doing all you can to keep your family safe and happy; cheering them up when they are sad. I am sure I could hear you clapping for the NHS from where I live! This makes me and all the staff of Woodfield very proud.

These are very unusual times and we all need to work together to get things back to normal as soon as possible. We want you to look after yourselves too so please talk to adults if there is anything you are frightened or worried about.

Staying away from each other and from our wonderful school will not last forever so in the meantime, remember to be respectful, be safe and be kind to each of those in your home.

We are both really looking forward to meeting you very soon.  

Take care

Mr Atkinson and Miss Marwood

To help and stay safe we need to;

  • Stay at home except for one walk or bike ride each day for exercise
  • Wash our hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after going to the toilet, sneezing or coughing and when we have been outside.
  • Cover our mouth and nose with a tissue or our sleeve (not our hands!) if we cough or sneeze
  • We mustn’t touch our eyes, nose or mouth if our hands are not clean