Woodfield Primary School
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Dear Parents / Carers,
Woodfield – Local Accountability Letter

We are being made aware of several positive Covid 19 Cases in our local community with several schools being affected so I would like to reassure you about some of the measures we have taken since the beginning of term.

Thank you for your continued support in getting all pupils back into school safely over the past month. All of us are committed to providing the best education possible for your child, while securing the health and safety of our whole school community. Thank you for continuing to follow public health guidelines and encouraging your children to do the same.

You are already aware of the steps we have put in place to ensure the safe return of all pupils to school. We know that you will be keen to understand the impact that we have had in our first weeks of the term, and what our plans are to ensure all pupils catch up with any missed learning, and what will happen if your child is asked to stay at home over the coming months. That is why I am writing to you today in order to keep you fully informed. This letter will also be published openly on our website.

School reopening

We have thorough morning cleaning before pupils arrive, and during the day cleaning in order to support with ongoing cleaning and sanitising.

The school day has 2 start and finish times to support social distancing.

Break times are staggered to ensure the children in different bubbles do not mix. 

Lunchtimes have 3 different start and finishing times with children being expected to stay in their section of the playground and use their bubble’s equipment.

No after school clubs are currently being run to ensure staff have time to mark work at school and leave the building promptly.

Teaching Assistants are based in consistent learning bubbles where possible, although there are occasions where they are required to work across two bubbles. This is to ensure we have the correct ratio of adults to pupils. Where this happened, staff follow guidance on good hand hygiene and social distancing.

Senior leaders are not accessing learning bubbles and all staff are encouraged to maintain social distancing in staff rooms and classrooms.

Pupils who attend breakfast club are sat at tables with other pupils from their bubble. We have had no incidents of pupils moving between bubbles in our school.


We were really happy to get our children back into school and know you understand that attendance is a continual battle for us at Woodfield for a range of reasons. All children have come back to school and, even with ‘sniffles and snuffles‘, have been in school and are able to access their learning.

We do however continue to have a few parents who keep their children off for holidays or ‘occasional’ days with no reason for this. Children have missed enough education and we will continue to be as diligent regarding attendance as we have always been.

We will now start to share our attendance figures with you through Weduc (our new communication app. Please contact the office if you haven’t received instructions on how to sign up)

Coverage of the curriculum

During the first few weeks, staff spent a lot of time talking to children about returning to school and how they felt and had coped. We have carefully planned a recovery curriculum for the year to look at what children missed in the summer term and how this might be taught and curriculum priorities agreed.

We believe in a balanced curriculum at Woodfield and strive to give our children a range of experiences in all subjects; however, I strongly feel that unless children can access maths and read and write then they will be disadvantaged as they move through life.

 To ensure we ‘catch up‘ on these areas of the curriculum , teachers have tweaked their planning to ensure the children are able to practise reading, writing  and maths skills in other areas of the curriculum. Every class will have daily phonics or reading skills lessons and pupils are also using the Computer Suite on a regular basis to help practise times tables and reading comprehension.

We are limited to interventions that can be carried out so teachers are generally teaching the whole class as opposed to small groups of children being supported by a Teaching Assistant. We still intend to assess our children but will set realistic targets to ensure all staff are clear of the expectations this year and it is manageable for pupils.

Remote Learning March – July 2020

We appreciate how difficult it was to home school children. Teachers posted home learning challenges on a weekly basis on the class pages on the school website. We also delivered home learning packs to those families who were unable to access the school website.

I know many parents appreciated this; but we know it is not ideal and many parents just felt unable to support their child’s learning. We are aware that parents did their best and we will try to pick up and support children from where they are. We know there will be gaps in children’s knowledge and that some children completed work every day and some children, unfortunately did very little work. This means that many children have come back to school and there is a big difference in where they are at academically.

Our staff are great at supporting children by breaking down learning into small steps but we do need your help in supporting children as they bring home reading books, spelling and times tables to learn.

Remote learning in the future

We will be in the same situation again if we are told individuals, families or bubbles are told to self-isolate. Staff already have work planned that will be posted on WEDUC or the class pages on the school website. It is essential all parents sign up to the parents app (please contact the office if you need any assistance).

We now also have access to Purple Mash, which we use in our computing lessons, which can also be used at home to support learning. Pupils in Class 2 and 3 know their log in details, but we will be sending these details home soon.

The work that is set is expected to be completed. Teachers are planning work which is relevant to the learning now or what children need to support their catch up so we cannot afford pupils to miss any education.

If children are ill and not just isolating because they have been in close contact; we still expect the work to be completed once they feel up to it. Children’s symptoms do not usually last as long as the isolation period.  

Mental health and wellbeing

We continue to have times in the day when teachers discuss how children are feeling and because of learning bubbles all teachers and Teaching Assistants are spending break times with pupils when they can have ‘little individual chats’ when they are checking in with their pupils. We are finding however that the majority of our children just want things to be as normal as can be and we are taking their lead on this.

Thank you for your support in these challenging times. Please remember to follow both the school’s guidance and public health guidance to keep everyone learning safely.

Kind regards

Mr Mathew Atkinson                                       Miss Jo Marwood

Acting Executive Headteacher                       Acting Head of School