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Dear Parents and Carers,
First Aid - Grapes and Allergy Action Plans

As you are aware, all staff have now completed up-to-date first aid training and as a result have some new procedures to put into place. Please see below.

Allergy Action Plans

The Paediatric Allergy Group (PAG) have issued Allergy Action Plans for children at risk of anaphylaxis. The updated plans are designed to function as Individual Healthcare Plans for children with food allergies, providing medical and parental consent for schools to administer medicines in the event of an allergic reaction.

If you believe your child has an allergy, please ask Mrs Tunney in the office urgently for an allergy action plan. This needs to be completed by your GP and returned to school. This allows us to understand exactly what we need to do to help you to protect your child against those allergies.

It is vital that we have one of these for any child with an allergy.


We have also noticed that some children’s packed lunches contain grapes and cherry tomatoes that have not been cut in half at home as per recent government advice.  They are round, easy to swallow whole and just the right size to block your child’s airway. 

We know that these incidents are very rare and that therefore the risks are low, however, we ask for your help in managing these risks and making sure that they are cut into halves or quarters prior to bringing them into school. We are not able to cut them for your child.

We thank you for your support on this matter.

Mr Richard Cook