At Woodfield, we have a Nursery and Reception Class which is our Early Years Unit. We welcome children into Early Years the term after they have turned three years old. If you would like your child to attend our Nursery, please contact us directly. We would be delighted to hear from you. Please download an Expression of Interest Form below.

A place in Nursery, does not guarantee a place in the school the next year when children reach Statutory School Age, though equally, non-attendance of the nursery does not impact on entrance to Reception either. For both Nursery and Reception children, parents are able to put their child’s name down at school, expressing an interest (this does not mean a place has been offered) at any time prior to their commencement age.

Admissions into mainstream school are managed through the Local Authority (LA). There is a standard application form which can be completed online. The closing date for new admissions for September 2021 is 15 January 2020. Any application after this date will be looked at after those who have been received on time, so this could affect the allocation of your child’s place. Confirmation of the school which has been allocated to your child will be sent in April 2021.

A link to the Local Authority Admission Form is

The standard admission number for nursery is flexible because it is dependant upon how many children are in each session. The admission number for mainstream school is 22.

All governing bodies are required by law to admit to the school a child with a statement of special needs (SEN) or education health and care plan (EHCP) that names the school. This is not an oversubscription criterion. This relates only to children who have undergone statutory assessment or education health and care assessment and for whom a final statement of special educational needs or education health and care plan has been issued.

If the number of applications exceeds the published admission number, after the admission of children where the school is named in the statement of special educational needs (SEN) or education health and care plan (EHCP) the following oversubscription criteria will apply.

Children in higher numbered priority groups will be offered places ahead of those in lower numbered priority groups. All applications within each priority group will be considered equally (i.e. all applications, regardless of order of preference).

If these numbers are exceeded, then places are allocated through the Local Authority.

In year applications

Sometimes children need to move school at times other than entry to Reception.

These changes may be unavoidable, for example when you move house, or sometimes they occur because of difficulties at your child’s current school. Changing schools is a big event for any child and should not be undertaken without first talking to the head teacher at your child’s current school, to try and resolve any problems.

If you live in North Yorkshire, in-year admission requests must be made by filling in an in-year preference form online listing up to five school preferences. The LA will then look at each preference in turn, starting with the highest, and provide your details to the school. If there is not a place available at that school, they will look at your next highest preference and continue down the list until they can offer your child a place. If they are unable to allocate any of your preferences they will seek to find an alternative place at a school within a reasonable distance of your home. You also have a right to appeal for a place at any of the schools listed on your preference form.

If you are not currently living in North Yorkshire, but are requesting a place at a North Yorkshire school, you should contact your home authority and complete their in-year preference form. If you are planning to move into North Yorkshire, you can still complete our online form, but we will need to know when you are moving and the address in North Yorkshire that you are moving to, to enable us to process your application.

If you have any questions at all about the admission process we will be more than happy to answer these for you. We would also welcome you to our school, to take a look around for yourselves. Please contact the school to make an appointment.

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